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I was born and raised in Aurora IL, the youngest of three siblings and the son of what I consider to be the greatest parents (Esther & Faustino Mora) a child could have ever had. As a little boy I looked forward to my summer vacations which gave me the opportunity to spend time with my maternal Grandfather (Ruperto Perez) in a small town in Mexico named, San Miguel de Epejan home of some of the greatest people. This would be the magical place in which I would start to live out my dreams and love for the outdoors and animals. My grandfather influenced me to study, interact with and fondly care for animals.

I will never forget the special gatherings such as, weddings, Quinceaneras, anniversaries, or just regular family get togethers in this small town of San Miguel de Epejan. The gatherings were very intimate, generally held in outdoor/indoor spaces with lots of food and drinks. Even at some occasions men would bring their horses. The outdoor celebrations almost always had music and dancing. Once I realized that the United States typical banquet hall did not have these beautiful outdoor spaces, I was inspired to re-create this at the Mora Farm. I wanted others to experience the same joyous celebrations that I did. I wanted to build a place where others could have an opportunity to interact with the  animals like horses, chicken, and peacocks. The Mora Farm is a place where gathering continues to have that very special intimate feel, where you can have music outdoors, horses, and lots of food.


On behalf of my wife, my son, and myself we welcome you to The Mora Farm. We look forward to serving you and making your event filled with memories to last forever!


Jim, Teresa & Faustino Mora

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